1. Use mobile boarding passes Pretty much all airlines allow you to check in online and to download your boarding pass onto your mobile phone or screen shot your itinerary including confirmation numbers.   Super easy when you need to scan it or show it! The less stuff you have on you, the better!

2. Create a packing list Use the app ‘Wunderlist’ to create packing lists or use a Travel Checklist.  With “Wunderlist” you can easily mark items you’ve already packed, check it when packing to return home, and it allows you to save a list for your next trip. It’s easy to add items or to cross them out if you don’t need them. Perfect! 

3. Leave early  Try to be at the airport at least two hours in advance. Yes, even when you’ve already checked in online.  Leaving extra early helps ensure you will board your plane on time. Between traffic, weather, and other unforeseen occurrences leaving early is always smart! 

4. Keep your personal belongings with you Make sure to put your personal items in your carry on, bag, or backpack (preferably underneath the seat in front of you). Personal items to keep with you If it’s important, keep it with you.  Paperwork, money, medications, jewelry (just wear it and keep it simple), earbuds, an extra set of underwear, and if headed to the beach a swimsuit.  Don’t leave your things unattended and check if you still have everything before you land. 

5. Include in your carry-on Headaches happen, stomach issues occur at the worst times, and motion sickness when flying can all make travel miserable.  Don’t forget your daily meds like prescriptions, I always pack enough for one extra day just to be safe. Knowing you’ve got everything you need with you is a comforting idea!

6. Make sure your passport is up to date Your passport has to be valid for at least another six months from the date that you start your trip. 

7. Bring a nice book Or a magazine, or some music… Whatever helps you relax and destress!

8. Make sure to bring a credit card or an international bank card Another small but important detail: don’t forget to check if you can use your bank card abroad.  Notify your bank and credit card provided with the places you will use your cards along with the dates that should be authorized.  

9. Contact your phone provider to confirm what your cell phone plan covers Knowing the when, where, and how you can use your phone is crucial.  Most airports, hotels, and resorts provide access to wifi helping you stay in touch with the world when needed, just remember to be safe when using public online services. 

10. Bring an ink pen!  Know information about all the people you will be responsible for when traveling out of the country.  The head of the household will have to complete paperwork, usually on the plane, before landing. You will be expected to list the names of people you are responsible for, passport numbers, and any personal property over $10,000.  You will also need to know the name of the resort you’re staying in, dates of your trip arrival and departure, purpose of travel, and flight numbers for both arrival and departure.