What in the heck is the Matrix?
Last November I was trying to find a good list of our top all-inclusive resorts for our new agents to use as a training tool. The challenge I had was I didn’t feel like the lists I found factored in everything you need in picking a resort. Little things like…….the Price!

That’s right, ratings and lists do not factor in the price. Usually the most expensive is the best, but who can afford it? I wanted to include a value factor. Surprise, Over the Water bungalows are the best but are they better than two trips to a great adults-only resort?

I wanted to highlight what I thought was e the most important assets for our clients. The goal was to emphasize the Beach, the Pool, the Room and the Food! Most of us could care less how much conference space a resort has. So……. I created The Matrix! The greatest resort rating system on the planet. It is a highly comprehensive, classified document with every one of our preferred resorts. In order for the scores to be most relevant to our agency we do not allow cheap resorts into the Matrix.☺ I also added Service, Fun, Location and what I call the “Secret Sauce” as the remaining eight categories. 🏖🥑🍍🛏🛎

Most of these categories are self explanatory but we do have a secret algorithm on each category. We focus on the quality of entry level rooms, locations are precisely rated not by general location and what is this “Secret Sauce”? We all know certain resorts have that little something extra. It might be the obvious like Resort Credits or free spa like Unico 20-87. We look at more of the Spirit of a resort. Resorts like Fiesta that have a real Mexican spirit or the turtles at Akumal beach. They have a little or maybe a lot of that Secret Sauce! We rate this on a scale of 1-10 the same as each other category in the Matrix.

The Matrix has 8 categories so a perfect score would be 80 points. No resort on the Matrix has over 71 points. So nobody is perfect, Not Yet! The formula we use is top secret but we will do share the findings.

For Example. Here is a list of our Top Adults-Only All-Inclusive Resorts in the Riviera Maya of Mexico. It does not include Cancun or Playa Mujeres.

The Matrix by 417 Travel

Unico 20 87