Saying please and thank you is a common courtesy in all languages.

Spanish Speaking Tips. Speak more than the basic commands to get the best experience on your vacation.

When you travel to a Spanish-speaking country, it is good to know basic words or phrases in Spanish for easier communication. Saying please and thank you is a common courtesy in all languages.  When traveling, it is respectful to understand the basics of the language that is spoken there.  They appreciate your efforts and you do not need to be fluent.  Here are a few tips to get you started.

11 Keywords in Spanish

  1. Hola – Hello
  2. Si – Yes
  3. Bueno – Good
  4. Malo – Bad
  5. Por favor – Please
  6. Gracias – Thank you
  7. Un poco – A little
  8. Mucho – A lot
  9. Desayuno – Breakfast
  10. Almuerzo – Lunch
  11. Cena – Dinner

If you’d like to impress your friends or others with more Spanish, these are some basic sentences you might want to use.  Make sure you are pronouncing the words correct, because in Spanish the letters make different sounds. For example, whenever you say “Como te llamas?” you are not saying the word llama. The double L in Spanish makes the Y sound, so you are really saying “yamas.”  When you learn a new word in Spanish, look up a pronunciation so you can pronounce it correctly.

10 (Diez) Phrases Everyone Should Know

  1. Como estas? – How are you?
  2. De donde eres? – Where are you from?
  3. Soy de U.S.A. – I’m from the United States.
  4. Como te llamas? – What is your name?
  5. Me llamo Travis. – My name is Travis.
  6. Buenos Dias – Good morning
  7. Buenos Tardes – Good afternoon
  8. Buenos Noches – Good evening
  9. Tengo hambre. – I’m hungry.
  10. No comprendo – I don’t understand.

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