We have numerous options and locations for Dolphin encounters. Below is one of our favorites.

Supreme Delphinus Experience in Riviera Maya
Seize a unique opportunity to take your dolphin experience to the max, with this dolphin swim at Delphinus in the Riviera Maya. Start with a rundown of all the necessary information you need to make the most of your time in the water, followed by an opportunity to play and interact with the dolphins, and finish by watching them jump spectacularly around you.

Starts at $169.00 Available every day of the week.

Get ready to encounter incredible mammals in an unbridled aquatic adventure. Following pick-up from your resort, you’ll come to Delphinus in Riviera Maya and you’ll meet the trainer who’s going to teach you about the dolphins and will lead you to a submerged platform. There, you can stand comfortably in waist-deep water and experience the delight of the dolphins — your new friends who will be interacting and playing around you.

And friends they will be! Hugs, kisses, handshakes — they love nothing more than that emotional connection with humans. And then there’s everyone’s favorite — the must-do foot push, as the dolphin propels you through the water at great speed with its nose, almost as if you were flying through the water.

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