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Top Tours and Activities in Punta Cana

Dominican Republic

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Saona Island
Travel by speedboat and catamaran to experience white sands and plenty of natural beauty along the southeastern coast of the Dominican Republic with an unforgettable Saona Island tour. This is more than a simple trip to the beach. You’ll also enjoy activities such as volleyball, swimming in a natural pool in the middle of the sea, and plenty of dancing and music aboard the boat. [ Read More ]

Set sail aboard a glass-bottom catamaran on the Marinarium snorkeling cruise and swim with nurse sharks and stingrays in Punta Cana’s azure waters. Whether you marvel at the fish or enjoy a refreshing cocktail in waist-deep parts of the Caribbean, there’s plenty to keep you entertained in this half-day excursion.
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Zip Lines
Would you like an eagle’s-eye view of beautiful Dominican landscapes? Then the Punta Cana Zip Line Tour is a perfect way to challenge your level of bravado as you ‘fly’ over gorgeous mountain scenery. Zoom from platform to platform throughout the amazing jungle as you explore the Punta Cana countryside by air.
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Dolphin Explorer
Prepare for a dolphin adventure that will bring you closer to these inspiring creatures in Punta Cana. Be nothing short of amazed by their agility, inquisitiveness and all-round intelligence as they perform tricks and interact with you in waist-high water by holding hands, hugging and even getting a kiss!
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Wild Tiger Buggies
Here’s your best opportunity to go off-limits, as you take the wheel of your very own off-road buggy across some rugged terrain in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Surely there’s no better way to come face-to-face with tropical nature and experience the most stunning backdrops than on this 3-hour thrill-ride in Punta Cana on buggies. [ Read More ]

Scape Park Dual Pack
Choose two activities and get a deal with a dual combo pack at Scape Park, a beautiful nature-themed attraction bursting with adventurous and adrenaline-pumping activities, as well as cultural and highly entertaining experiences. Scape Park is filled with extraordinary natural beauty, vivid flora and peculiar fauna, making it one of the most versatile attractions in the Dominican Republic.
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Side By Side Adventure
Strap yourself into a modern dune buggy and get ready for a rugged journey on a hidden jungle path with the Side by Side ATV Punta Cana adventure. This excursion will put you in the driver’s seat as you ride across the hidden Dominican country roads, later leading you to a relaxing time on the waters of Playa Blanca and Ojos Indigenas freshwater lagoon. Let’s go! [ Read More ]

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