Secrets Capri

Secrets Capri is the oldest operating Secrets Resort and you could not tell that by the looks of the resort. Recently updated, and working on more updates, Secrets Capri offers top notch service and mouth-watering cuisine. We had a little bit of time in between inspections to enjoy the resort and we did! Bingo in the pool at the swim up bar, water races on floating mats… so many adults laughing and having a great time. – Amity Dobbs

290 Rooms – 1 Pool – 6 Restaurants

  • Adult’s Only property with a lot of repeat clients
  • Service is amazing
  • Pool activities were great and entertaining
  • Nightly entertainment
  • Food was very good
  • Not good for the elderly clients
  • Not fully handicap accessible
  • Lots of accidents in the pool due to slippery conditions

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