The Marinarium Excursion – my favorite Punta Cana Excursion!

Ever since I was a kid and watched the movie “Jaws” I’ve been terrified of Sharks. So when I first heard that this excursion involved “swimming with sharks” I was quickly the first to say no thanks. But after hearing more about the adventure itself and learning more about what nurse sharks really are, I decided to face my fears and give it a try!

The Marinarium Marine Park turned out to be one of my favorite excursions since I love to snorkel and see all the different types of marine life. The nurse sharks grow up to 7 feet long but they are considered more bottom feeders and not aggressive at all. The first time I swam over one you can bet that I was still scared even though I knew they wouldn’t harm me. You can also see and swim with stingrays and even get your picture holding a sting ray! They have these Seadoo handheld propeller machines that you can use to go even deeper and get closer to the bottom. I loved using the Seadoo while I swam in the cool waters off Bavaro Beach.

After you’ve snorkeled and swam with sharks and sting rays the catamaran you’re on turns into a party boat with open bar for the next hour and half or so. You are served local rum punch and provided a sack lunch and other refreshments. The staff on the boat start to teach you dance moves and really the boat ride is a blast. The glass-bottom catamaran ends up pulling into a party cove area where other vacationers from other excursions are also parked and you get back off the boat and play in the ocean a little longer. It’s amazing that when you get off the boat in the party cove you’re easily 100 yards off short but the water is only waist deep!

Cost with Amstar is starts as low as $106 per person and is a 4 hour activity.