Dominican Republic

With over 4 million visitors annually, the Dominican Republic is a top Caribbean vacation destination, which is no surprise considering the many hotels, resorts and attractions the island has to choose from as well as the country’s incredibly welcoming attitude towards tourists.

The landscape of the country is unique and consists of many different environments including beaches, tropical rainforests, deserts, alpine ranges and even mangrove swamps. This allows for many opportunities to embark on excursions of all kinds, including agro-tourism excursions where you can visit coffee, tobacco and cocoa farms situated in the fertile interior of the island. The miles of coastline also allow you to experience any kind of water sport they can imagine, including scuba diving, fishing, sailing and surfing, which are ideal in the crystal blue waters.

If a more relaxing vacation is what you’re looking for, the Dominican Republic has hundreds of miles of coastline with countless beaches. There are beaches near cities, near rainforests and near resorts with plenty of amenities. Whatever type of beach you’re looking for, the Dominican Republic can easily accommodate you. Another popular activity in the Dominican Republic is golf, and many major cities there have scenic golf courses. Currently, there are six courses on the coasts and 20 located inland. The world-class golf courses have some of the best views in the world in a tropical climate that’s ideal for year-round play.

Dominican Republic

Quick Facts

  • U.S. travelers: Valid passport needed for entry
  • Official language: Spanish
  • Official currency: Dominican peso (American currency is widely accepted)
  • Climate: Average annual temperature is 77° F


Resort Areas In the D.R.

Top Tours in Punta Cana

  • Saona Island – Travel by speedboat and catamaran to experience white sands and plenty of natural beauty along the southeastern coast of the Dominican Republic with an unforgettable Saona Island tour. This is more than a simple trip to the beach.
  • Marinarium – Live the most famous sea excursion in Punta Cana at Marinarium, an open-water aquarium brimming with nature, relaxation and excitement! Experience swimming and snorkeling with nurse sharks, stingrays and colorful fish in the azure Caribbean. 
  • Tiger Buggies – Here’s your best opportunity to go off-limits, as you take the wheel of your very own off-road buggy across some rugged terrain in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

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