Dominican Republic

A place known for its resorts and white sand beaches, Punta Cana is the leisure lover’s ultimate getaway. Located on the most eastern cape of the Dominican Republic, the region looks out over the azure seas of the Atlantic Ocean and dense mangrove forests where a multitude of birds and animals unique to the Caribbean live. But more than beach lounging and relaxing, Punta Cana is a playground for all levels of thrill seekers. From those who find nothing more exciting than a challenging game of golf to adrenaline junkies who′ll go from windsurfing to deep sea diving without blinking, opportunities abound. Many of the resorts on Punta Cana have all-inclusive packages offering adventure and relaxation all on the same bill. But travelers can just as easily enjoy the spoils of the soft sands and ocean views on their own. And when that become repetitive, travelers can head out of town where to find cigars, ancient petroglyphs, and culture that dates back to the arrival of Columbus.

Dominican Republic

Weather – The coastal zone is blessed with a sunny subtropical climate. The year-round daytime average temperature is 82 degrees F.
  • U.S. travelers need a valid passport to enter
  • Spanish is the official language
  • Dominican peso is the official currency but American dollars are widely accepted
  • Average annual temperature is 86° F
  • May to October is generally more hot and humid

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The eastern half of the Dominican Republic and the National Park of the East are famous for an underground labyrinth of caves, which is home to one of the largest networks of caves in the world. Manantial de Padre Nuestro is one place that takes spelunking and diving to new depths, conjoining the two to allow exploration of the underground, underwater maze of caves where the remains of Taíno culture await, perfectly preserved. And right in the heart of the resort scene is the remarkable Punta Cana Ecological Reserve that is considered one of the best kept secrets of eco-tourism. A huge array of creatures in this biodiverse setting live around the stretch of lagoons within the park.

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Top Tours in Punta Cana

  • Saona Island – Travel by speedboat and catamaran to experience white sands and plenty of natural beauty along the southeastern coast of the Dominican Republic with an unforgettable Saona Island tour. This is more than a simple trip to the beach.
  • Marinarium – Live the most famous sea excursion in Punta Cana at Marinarium, an open-water aquarium brimming with nature, relaxation and excitement! Experience swimming and snorkeling with nurse sharks, stingrays and colorful fish in the azure Caribbean. 
  • Tiger Buggies – Here’s your best opportunity to go off-limits, as you take the wheel of your very own off-road buggy across some rugged terrain in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

Visit the Dominican Tourism Board – Learn More


Visit the Dominican Tourism Board – Learn More