It means “Welcome” …On the island of Aruba, you truly are.

Enjoy the charm of windmills, lighthouses, and twisting divi-divi trees or luxuriate in the world’s most opulent spas. Play in the glittering casinos and luxury resorts or wander the unsurpassed pristine beaches. Aruba’s serene settings make it ideal for weddings, honeymoons, and romantic getaways. On the windward coast, the Atlantic crashes over rocks, coral bridges and cliffs. Aruba has a desert-like climate, and vacationers enjoy clear skies, bright sunshine, and cooling trade winds almost every day of the year. With its sunny weather, long stretches of white sand beaches, modern resorts, and glitzy casinos, Aruba truly has something for everyone!

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Aruba is located in the Southern Caribbean Sea which is north of Venezuela, there are various activities, National Parks, pristine white sand beaches, casinos, luxury resorts and more! 

Aruba has more sunny days than any other Caribbean Island, and holds an average temperature of 82-degrees Fahrenheit.  The climate is dry, with rainy days uncommon occurrence.

The geography of Aruba is very unique with desert terrain and sandy shores, also miles of pure white beaches. Aruba has some of the best beaches in the world located on the South and West coasts.

Dutch is Aruba’s official language, but most Aruban’s speak at least four different languages.

Palm Beach and Eagle Beach are the two primary locations for hotels are resorts; high-rise resorts will be found on Palm Beach, as low-rise resorts will be found on Eagle Beach.

Water Activities

There are various water sports ranging from scuba diving, sailing, snorkeling, surfing, kite-surfing, deep-sea fishing, paddle-boarding, and even parasailing.

Flamingos in Aruba!  Renaissance Island is home to many flamingos you have the opportunity to swim with.  They are very patient animals and love taking selfies with you.

Welcome to the Gold Mine Ranch in Aruba, the only Ranch in Aruba with a horseback expedition.  Explore pristine white-sand beaches with your house at the North East Coast and travel through Aruban countryside on this three hour guided tour. 

Just relax…
There are many resorts in Eagle Beach and Palm Beach with special perks, but all beaches in Aruba are public access beaches.  Make time for yourself, and take in the sun.    

Land Tours

Aruba has an ecstatic night life!  Night life activities offer everything from local bands playing on one of the many piers across Palm Beach, to a quiet dinner on the beach.  It is also important to note that the drinking age is 18.

Aruba offers hassle-free weddings and renewal of vows.  There are many special perks of getting married in Aruba, including world-class wedding planners directly from your hotel.

The Aruba Butterfly Farm is a tropical garden full with butterflies from around the globe!  Fun for the whole family, you may experience landing on your hand, while you are surrounded in an absolutely magical place.

Aruba’s Donkey Sanctuary is a non-profit and fully volunteer organization founded in 1997.  Approximately 40 happy donkeys live in the sanctuary located in Santa Lucia, where you can feed and pet the donkeys. They especially love apples and carrots!

Located along the northwestern tip of Aruba are the California Dunes, a beautiful place you can explore on foot.  Further down the shore is also the Arikok National Park which makes up almost 20% of Aruba’s natural beauties.

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