St. Thomas

Of the three U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Thomas is certainly considered the busiest. Abuzz with activity, attractions, duty-free shopping, and miles of sandy beaches, this island is the most popular among travelers to the USVI. Though the island only measures about 32 square miles, it’s packed with plenty of opportunities and scenic beauty for its visitors from snorkeling and diving to shopping and exploring.

Climate: Average yearly high is 87° F and average yearly low is 75° F

St. Thomas

The capital city of both the island of St. Thomas along with the three U.S. Virgin Islands is Charlotte Amalie, named after the wife of Denmark’s King Christian V. Charlotte Amalie is home to nearly half of the island’s 50,000+ residents and is considered the downtown city hub for the island. St. Thomas is one of the busier Caribbean cruise ports and thus is a bustling seaport city with plenty of duty-free shopping, restaurants, bars and charming colonial Danish architecture to keep the hordes of visitors entertained. The east end of the island is home to Red Hook, a city with a harbor, small town and the major marina for sport fishing tours and sail boats to depart. The rural rainforest areas of the island are quite desolate with a hilly terrain and are mostly home to residential neighborhoods, resorts and agricultural areas.

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