Dominican Republic

With over 4 million visitors annually, the Dominican Republic is a top Caribbean vacation destination, which is no surprise considering the many hotels, resorts and attractions the island has to choose from as well as the country’s incredibly welcoming attitude towards tourists.

If a more relaxing vacation is what your looking for, the Dominican Republic has hundreds of miles of coastline with countless beaches. There are beaches near cities, near rainforests and near resorts with plenty of amenities. Whatever type of beach your looking for, the Dominican Republic can easily accommodate. Another popular activity in the Dominican Republic is golf, and many major cities there have scenic golf courses. Currently, there are six courses on the coasts and 20 located inland. The world-class golf courses have some of the best views in the world in a tropical climate that’s ideal for year-round play.

Dominican Republic


Dominican Republic

The coastal zone is blessed with a warm, sunny subtropical climate. The year-round daytime average temperature is 82 degrees F.

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Places to see in the Dominican Republic

Punta Cana
A place known for its resorts and white sand beaches, Punta Cana is the leisure lover’s ultimate getaway. Located on the most eastern cape of the Dominican Republic, the region looks out over the azure seas of the Atlantic Ocean and dense mangrove forests where a multitude of birds and animals unique to the Caribbean live. But more than beach lounging and relaxing, Punta Cana is a playground for all levels of thrill seekers. From those who find nothing more exciting than a challenging game of golf to adrenaline junkies who′ll go from windsurfing to deepsea diving without blinking, opportunities abound. Many of the resorts on Punta Cana have all-inclusive packages offering adventure and relaxation all on the same bill.

La Romana
Playground of the Rich and Famous. La Romana is a city on the Dominican Republic’s Caribbean coast with a population of about 130,000. It is the Dominican Republic’s youngest and wealthiest city and has a well-developed tourism infrastructure. It was founded in 1897 as an oil town and later turned to sugar production, but now its main industry is tourism, as its beautiful beaches and large collection of hotels and resorts attract travelers from around the world.

Puerto Plata
Puerto Plata, nestled near Mount Isabel de Torres on the Dominican Republic’s north coast, has recently become a key resort destination in the Caribbean. It’s the eighth-largest city in the Dominican Republic, and has gone through a revitalization period with improvements to its beaches and the downtown park area.

Samana was developed relatively recently as a tourist destination — the first road to the town was built only a few decades ago. A highway now allows travel from Santo Domingo in as little as two hours, and the recent opening of Sanchez El Catey International Airport has further boosted the peninsula’s fortunes. With its low-key atmosphere and many budget-type accommodations, Samana is a popular spot with Europeans and whale-watchers

Santo Domingo
This Caribbean capital city has a deeply rooted history as it is considered the oldest European city in the New World and is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Santo Domingo is located on the southern shore of the Dominican Republic where the Ozama River meets the Caribbean Sea.


The Dominican Republic is known for its picture-perfect shorelines and vivacious mix of modern aesthetic and all-inclusive luxury. It’s famous for some of the best tobacco and master cigar rollers in the world, so hosting a cigar roller at a wedding reception affords guests a glimpse into the country’s culture. Merengue, the national dance of the Dominican Republic, adds a little spice to wedding receptions and gets guests onto the dance floor.

The Dominican Republic occupies the eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola, and Haiti occupies the western third. The landscape of the country is unique and consists of many different environments including beaches, tropical rainforests, deserts, alpine ranges and even mangrove swamps. This allows for many opportunities for travelers to embark on excursions of all kinds, including agro-tourism excursions where travelers can visit coffee, tobacco and cocoa farms situated in the fertile interior of the island. The miles of coastline also allow for travelers to experience any kind of water sport they can imagine, including scuba diving, fishing, sailing and surfing, which are ideal in the crystal blue waters.

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